Email Marketing

Successful email marketing can be a high value effort for your business. The ability to successfully deliver messages to the right prospects at the right time can be the difference between a successful and campaign and an unsuccessful one

For many companie concept of email marketing has been practically non-existent. The many steps involved including the ability to successfully deliver messages, the message creation, timing email delivery are all reasons why many companies are not fully utilizing the power of email marketing

A successful email marketing campaign means being able to track clicks, opens, bounces and more. You may want to send emails to your customers or prospects when you have a special offer or event you want to tell them about. Maybe you want to let them know about something coming up and give them a special invitation. We can show you how to send each person a custom email and make it a personalized invitation.

We can configure your email marketing system to send an automatic (and personal) email to those users who have just signed up or subscribed to your services. Maybe they purchased something or downloaded a PDF oe watched a video. We can create triggers to automatically send an email when a form is submitted. This is perfect for two reasons. First, this email can be sent as soon as the form is submitted (instant gratification is a good thinng), or secondly, you can schedule the email to send later at a pre-determined time. Perhaps you want to make them wait a day before your email them. For whatever reason and whenever you want we can create and send the welcome email when you want.