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Search engine traffic can help you get more customers. Obviously, Google is the search engine king and anything you can do to increase your businesses exposure in Google will mean more traffic to your website and more traffic means more business.

You may have heard of search engine optimization, also know as SEO. Properly executed, an SEO strategy can literally mean many more sales for you and many thousands of dollars in increased profits. Having a St. Petersburg SEO firm to help your search engine optimization efforts can make a huge difference in your SEO results.

When searching for a company to help you with your SEO you will find that you have many options. But before you select a company to help you with your SEO it’s best that you be clear as to what the benefits of a properly executed SEO plan are.

SEO Helps You Get More Clients

 Getting found in Google is key to getting more traffic to your website. A critical part of your SEO campaign  is to target the words used to search for businesses like yours. Those words used in searches are known as “Keywords”. Keyword research is critical so that you can design your pages to be easily found in Google. With the proper keyword research you can target your customers by segments and geographical areas. The difference between the right keywords and the almost right keywords is, as Mark Twain once said, the difference between a lightning bug and lightning. As an experienced St. Petersburg SEO firm, we can make sure that your website is targeting the right keywords.

 Proper SEO and Website Design Helps with Branding

 Your company’s online visibility is key to your branding. Have a properly designed website that ranks well in the search engine results will help you establish your company as an industry leader increasing your client’s confidence in doing business with you.

Competitor Analysis

One of the most important part of your SEO campaign is to review your online competitor's websites to determine how much competition for your key words there is and how sophisticated the competition's efforts are.

Simply put, some keywords are  more difficult to place for than others.


 The bottom line is that there is little else a company can do that can match the return of a properly executed SEO plan. You SEO plan can be tracked so that you know exactly the returns you are generating.